JvNU opens branch in Dubai

Photo illustrating the news item

If you live in the Dubai area, you can come see us in person, ask any of your questions about our courses and admissions procedure, and schedule an interview with us.

Our university representative is available to guide you through all of the steps required to become a John von Neumann University student.

Address: Dubai Knowledge Park, Building 2A, Office 101.

Hungary’s most innovative university will be permanently represented in Dubai, the most populous and advanced emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The establishment of the branch office is part of the short-term development concept of John von Neumann University, which aims to reach its target of 5,000 students by recruiting at least 20% international students.

The Kecskemét institution of higher education is now the most popular in its category among Hungarian students, based on the number of applications. This success is also due to the fact that the city and the region of Kecskemét are considered to be the driving force of the Hungarian economy thanks to the German automotive industry. In addition to the 650-year-old city’s food industry, it is now world-famous for its largest factory, Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. In addition to serving the automotive industry, John von Neumann University also provides highly qualified professionals for the food, agriculture and finance sectors. The institution’s profile also means that its international focus, which is important from an enrolment perspective, is geographically concentrated in Central Asia and the Middle East. The University of Kecskemét currently teaches students from 36 countries in the two regions, and the number of students from this region could exceed 5% of the total student population by the autumn. The location of the new Dubai branch is important for the Hungarian university because Dubai, as an independent emirate of the United Arab Emirates and a globally significant city, is representative of the international audience of Neumann’s target market in a way that is almost a melting pot.

The university’s experience in the emirates and the feedback it has received from Dubai are so positive that compared to the initial period of its international strategy, the 2022/2023 academic year, the 2024 Dubai enrolment activity doubled the previous enrolment figures, with more than 500 foreign students applying to the Hungarian university. John von Neumann University has thus set itself the goal of addressing its target market of nearly 50 countries in the region, including India and China, from the Emirates. The Hungarian university also aims to be able to personally serve the network of student recruitment agents, which is already an industry in the region, seven days a week and to operate the sales of the university’s services from the field.

The permanent delegation of the University of Kecskemét to Dubai is not limited to recruitment. One of its main priorities and tasks is to promote Hungarian culture, Kecskemét values and Neumann innovation in the region. The opening ceremony of the scientific programme started with a presentation by the President of the Hungarian National Bank. The presentation of György Matolcsy’s Hungarian Vision and Strategy in English was welcomed by a full house. The speech of the President of the Central Bank of Hungary was attended by students from leading private secondary schools in the region, heads of Dubai’s leading real estate development companies, representatives of international universities in the city, officials from international NGOs and the Hungarian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

For both Hungarian and foreign students, the slogan of the new Hungarian university in Dubai remains the same: “If it’s up to us, you’ll be a Neumann student”. The John von Neumann University office will be open from 7 May 2024 at the Dubai Knowledge Park, Building 2A, Office 101.

17 May 2024